The stuff we say and the things we do

Sometimes you say stuff you didn’t mean to say. Sometimes you do things that you’ll always regret. Sometimes you hurt the people who mean the most to you. But by the time you realize this, it’s already too late and you can’t undo it. You can’t go back in time and change it, no matter how much you want to. All that remains is a heavy heart and a guilty conscience. The knowledge that you hurt the person you love the most with your words and your actions slowly kills you. It seeps the life out of your soul and you can’t do anything. All you tell yourself is that you won’t do this again. That you’ll be careful from now on. But after a while when things go back to normal and the memory fades you again repeat this same shit again. Why can’t we ever stop hurting the ones we love? Is disappointment and pain a requisite of love? Why do we forget the lessons we learned so easily?