Thousand Shades of Grey

How much do we really know a person? How much do we know about them apart from what that choose to tell us? We will never know about their past, their sins, their skeletons unless they tell that to us themselves. We make an image of that person in our head and we neatly catalog them in our lives.  But what happens when they tell you their secrets? The pasts you were unaware of. The things that keep them up at night. The horrors of their childhood. The sins they hid behind the cloak of respectability. The scars they hide behind their smiles. How are you supposed to act like when the people you love the most tell you things that scatter the image you had of them? The love doesn’t go away, you still love them, you still remember who they are as a person but now you get to know of a whole new dimension. Things that make you question what’s right and what’s wrong. And you finally realise that there is no black and white, no stark darkness and light; it’s all a thousand shades of grey. And you mourn for them, the child who never got a chance to be a kid, the young teen who had to grow up too soon, the adult who couldn’t dream anymore. You mourn for the chances they lost, for the loneliness they had always faced. You mourn for the person who hid a huge piece of their lives away, always scared to tell the truth, always afraid of what people will think of the real them. And you cry because you can’t do anything to change the past, to save them from themselves. The colors all mingle together, the greys are all you see wherever you look. And these greys free you, from your own notion of what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s when grey becomes your favorite shade.

Hide and Seek

When the right becomes wrong, 

And the wrong becomes right;

When all else fails

And there’s no where to hide;

When tears run dry 

But heart ever bleeds,

When hope is lost

And fear reigns free,

When the cries go unheard

Violence unseen,

Then where would you hide?

Who shall you seek?